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Tiền thưởng đặc biệt không phải ký quỹ $30



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Sử dụng tiền thưởng không cần gửi tiền để nhận +$30 vào tài khoản của bạn và bắt đầu giao dịch mà không cần đầu tư
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Các loại tài khoản:

  1. This promo code grants clients a no deposit bonus after registration with the Geratsu company using the link on this page.

  2. This promo code is available for residents of the following countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei.

  3. The promo-bonus applies to the following types of account: MT4-ECN

  4. The bonus funds are adding to the separate trading account, created automatically when the bonus is added.

  5. The bonus funds are adding to the "credit" field. Fully verified clients may use it without any restriction. Until a client's profile is fully verified, i.e. the client's email, phone number, name and address are confirmed, the client cannot trade in the account that contains a no deposit bonus. Such an account is in a read-only mode.

  6. The bonus and profits made from using the bonus are the company's property

  7. No deposit bonus and profits made from using this bonus may be withdrawn only after the client meets the bonus cash out terms set out in paragraphs 7-11.

  8. The client cannot withdraw funds from the account with a no deposit bonus until he or she makes a deposit into such an account. After making a deposit, the client may withdraw only the funds displayed in the "balance" column.

  9. The bonus and profits made from using the bonus may be cashed out only after a deposit has been made. Please note that making a deposit will automatically launch the following procedures:

    • All opened trades will be closed automatically. We recommend closing all open trades before making a deposit.
    • The funds displayed in the "balance" column will be moved to the "credit" column (profit/loss made from trading). They will be considered to be “credit funds".
    • Deposit will be displayed in the "balance" column.

    Note: A recommended deposit amount should equal or exceed the amount of credit funds.

  10. After a deposit has been made, any following profits made from trading by the use of client's own funds may be immediately withdrawn from the account.

  11. No deposit bonus trading process can be divided in steps:

    • Client receives NDB $30.
    • Client trades with the use of NDB $30 and made profit of $60. He has balance of $60 and credit $30.
    • Client decides to make a deposit. He makes a $50 deposit.
    • A deposit amount of $50 is added to balance and $60 is transferred to credit amount. Now client has balance $50 and credit $90($60+$30). Credit $90 is tradable and can be used to sustain floating losses on open trades. From this moment, all your future profits made by the use of your own deposit $50 and $90 credit funds can be withdrawn.
    • Client trades with the use of own deposit $50 and $90 credit funds and made profit $70.
    • Client can withdraw $70 at any time.
    • To withdraw credit funds ($90 in our example) the client has to conduct transactions with a total volume of 30 lot.
  12. Bonus is valid for 1 month from the date of bonus payment. Bonus funds deposited in your trading account and profit made by the use of the bonus funds may be used in trading, or cashed out and withdrawn from the account if the client would make a deposit within this period. The bonus will be cancelled and profit will be deducted from the account if the client didn't make a deposit after expiration of the above period.

  13. The bonus funds can be transferred to the client's own balance. In order to transfer bonus funds to balance and withdraw them from the trading account, the client has to conduct transactions with a total volume of 30 lot.

  14. Trading with credit (bonus) funds is allowed for this bonus. This bonus can support negative floating. The Credit Stop Out is not applicable to this bonus.

  15. Geratsu has the right to take away bonus funds if the client withdraws his own funds or a part of them from his account.

  16. The internal transfer function is not available for trading accounts with a credited no deposit bonus.

  17. The trading account to which the no deposit bonus is credited cannot become the "main" account and be used to receive referral commission.

  18. Affiliate commissions on trades conducted by use of the company's money and credit funds won't be paid. If the client is a referral, then affiliate commissions will be paid after the client makes a deposit into his/her trading account. The amount of commission will be proportional to the client's own money used in each trade.

  19. Credit funds may be used as an additional margin. Trading may not be conducted by means of credit funds only. The bonus will be canceled if the whole of the client’s own funds is lost.

    Attention: If your account balance is negative after you close an order/some orders, you can contact our technical support team for correcting the account balance.

  20. Geratsu reserves the right to refuse bonus provision or cancel anytime and with no reason given a bonus deposited earlier as well as to cancel the results of any transactions conducted by use of bonus funds.

  21. The company has the right to correct the results of a client’s trades on suspicion of "bonus hunting" activities or any other fraudulent actions involving bonus funds. A part of a trading result which was earned by use of bonus funds shall be cancelled. An insufficient trading activity in the account, such as execution of a single high-volume trade or several trades of lower volume conducted at the same rate and at nearly the same time, which represents a subdivision of a big trade into smaller ones, may serve as the reason for revising the results. As a rule, there is no sufficient trading history in such accounts. In case of detecting such trades, the Company may cancel the bonus at any time and without preliminary notice. Also, the company has a right to have the following expenses reimbursed:

    • expenses related to money transfers to the liquidity providers' accounts;
    • expenses related to paying affiliate commissions if they cannot be deducted from the partners' accounts;
    • payment systems' deposit and withdrawal fees;
    • negative balance correction.
  22. Geratsu Company reserves the right to request Client’s further identity information. Should the Client refuse to provide this information or the documents to verify his identity and address of residence, Geratsu reserves the right to cancel at any time bonus funds as well as cancel the results of any transactions conducted by use of bonus funds.

  23. The Company corrects balances in the accounts with a fixed negative value in the "Balance" column in the trading terminal on the 1st of each month. Correction (setting to zero) of trading accounts shall be applied solely to those accounts in which no trades are conducted at the moment of correction, i.e. no active open trading positions are present (pending orders will not be considered). Bonus funds are deducted from the "Credit" column with the comment "bonus_out (negative balance)". At the same time, funds in the amount equal to the negative balance value are put into the account with the comment "Zero Balance Correction".

  24. To get the bonus funds to your account balance, after fulfilling the conditions, please write an email to indicating the trading account number.

  25. Geratsu has the right to amend the conditions of this offer at any time and without special notification.

  26. This promotion conditions will be considered as accepted by the client from the moment of activating a promo-code.

* It must be noted that:

  • the coefficient used for CFD transactions on shares, cryptocurrencies, stock indices and oil is 0.01;
  • the volume is 100 times more for Cent accounts;
  • when adding the bonus funds to the account balance, only the trades conducted by use of the Client’s own funds will be considered;
  • the volumes of trades closed in trading instruments where one point cost is different from one EURUSD point cost will be recalculated based on one EURUSD point cost. For example, one EURUSD point cost is $1 per lot. One EURCAD point cost is $1.041 per lot. So, the EURCAD volume will be recalculated by multiplying it by 1.041. It means that one EURCAD lot will be equal to 1.041 EURUSD standard lots. The following formula is applied when calculating the cryptocurrency real trade volume: volume × contract size / 100,000 × volume.

* When calculating the total volume of closed transactions, we do not consider:

  • deleted and canceled pending orders;
  • trades contradicting item 5.10.2 of the "Client Agreement";
  • hedge positions;
  • transactions closed with less than 30 points of profit/loss;
  • trades conducted in the account before addition of bonus funds;
  • trades which are taken into consideration for working out another bonus to balance.

Geratsu LLC (registration number: 860 LLC 2021 ) được quy định theo đạo luật cấp phép "LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES ACT, CHAPTER 151 OF THE REVISED LAWS OF SAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES, 2009." của .

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